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Giving Yourself The Best Chance Of Employment

We appreciate that sometimes it can be tough out there finding the right job for you. Everything has to fall into place in that there needs to be a job available that fits your personality, qualifications, skills and ambitions and you then need to ensure that the employer first invites you for an interview and then you impress enough to get the position in front of everyone else. A Comprehensive CV So with this in mind it pays to make sure [...]

Employers & Potential Employees Both Use Knipe Recruitment

Hello and welcome to our first blog post of 2018, and as it is our first post of the year we would first like to wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year. Happy New Year We thought we would start the year off by giving you a reminder of the services we provide for you. We help both employers and people who are on a job search, we use our expertise and experience to match the two together so [...]

The Importance Of Finding The Right Job For You

Hello and welcome to our blog here at Knipe Recruit here in Armagh, and today we want to write about the importance of finding the right job for you which fits your skills, abilities and personality. Finding A Job You Enjoy We spend a large proportion of our waking lives at work (well at least most of us do) so it is important that not only do we have a job which reflects our particular abilities but that we have a [...]

CBI Warns Of Job Losses Unless Brexit Deal Concluded

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has warned the government that if a transition deal over the terms of Brexit has not been reached by the end of March then they foresee that the majority of British businesses will start moving jobs across the Channel and will cut recruitment right down. Transition Deal A Priority For Businesses Around three quarters of the businesses have told the CBI that if a transition deal is agreed with the European Union by the end [...]

Improving Engagement An Important Issue For Employers

We read a recent report which read that 28% of employers in the UK market have difficulties in engaging their employees, a very high number which should raise concern among many businesses. On the Online Recruitment Resource website an article commented on research by Total Jobs. The research found that employers believed that lower productivity (59%) was being caused by employees not being engaged enough when they are at work. They said that warning signs of this lack of engagement [...]