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Helping Employers With Recruitment

As a recruitment agency service we provide a double service in that we find work for people who are either out of work, want to get out of the job they are currently doing or they just want a career change, and we also work with a number of companies large and small finding them suitable candidates for their job vacancies. Why Employers Use Our Services Employers use our services for a number of reasons. They may be just looking for [...]

Vacancies For Boners & Trimmers

Hello and welcome to our blog here at Knipe Recruitment once again. We start this blog to give you the following information that we need knife men, both boners and trimmers, for several locations but particularly the Lurgan area. Submit Your CV Or Give Us A Call So if you have had previous experience of being a boner or a trimmer and you are looking for work right now then we would really like to hear from you. And you can [...]

Brexit Will Change Nothing For Our Recruitment Services

Brexit is the big topic of conversation at the moment, particularly here in Northern Ireland where there is much talk of the soft border between Northern Ireland and the south becoming a hard border, and all the consequences that could derive from this scenario. Transporting Of Goods Could Be Slower There is no doubt that if the transporting of goods through the border becomes slower and less efficient then this will cause issues for many businesses and it may mean that [...]

Finding A Job In The Armagh Area

Welcome to our blog here at Knipe Recruitment, as we write this post the sun is shining brightly and it truly is a glorious day once again. We really are having a heat wave at the moment which we rarely see here in this part of the country. I am sure there will be a change on the horizon very soon so we might as well enjoy it whilst it lasts. Just make sure you put the high factor [...]

The Benefits Employers Get From Using Knipe Recruitment

Today we thought we would concentrate on employers and the benefits that they get from using Knipe Recruitment. We act as the middle man for them and make the employing of new staff as smooth as possible, and also ensure that they recruit the right person for the job required. Manage The Whole Recruiting Process We work in a whole variety of sectors recruiting staff for employers. Businesses are busy enough running and managing their work without having to go through [...]

Giving Yourself The Best Chance Of Employment

We appreciate that sometimes it can be tough out there finding the right job for you. Everything has to fall into place in that there needs to be a job available that fits your personality, qualifications, skills and ambitions and you then need to ensure that the employer first invites you for an interview and then you impress enough to get the position in front of everyone else. A Comprehensive CV So with this in mind it pays to make sure [...]

Employers & Potential Employees Both Use Knipe Recruitment

Hello and welcome to our first blog post of 2018, and as it is our first post of the year we would first like to wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year. Happy New Year We thought we would start the year off by giving you a reminder of the services we provide for you. We help both employers and people who are on a job search, we use our expertise and experience to match the two together so [...]