Candidate Advice

candidates-adviceAdvice For When You Apply For A Job

When you apply for a job you must always take  time to read and fully understand all that the employer is looking for and assure yourself that this is the job for you.

It is important to realise that you must tailor your CV to each vacancy that you apply for and highlight in a clear, concise manner how your qualifications and experience match the criteria the employer has deemed critical for any potential employee to match.

Your CV should be no more than 2 or maximum 3 pages long and should be neat throughout – use a font that is clear and easily read. Your CV should contain the following:

Part 1 –Your Personal Details, a personal statement and Education/Qualifications
Part 2 – Your Work Experience starting with most recent or current employer.
Part 3 – Continue with Work Experience and finish off with your Referees contact details. Ideally you should have two Referees, one who knows you in a professional capacity and one who knows you in a personal capacity.

Remember, amend your CV each time you apply for a new role and tailor the CV to highlight how you match the criteria the employer is looking for.

Interview Tips

  • Always remember first impressions last so make sure you are dressed and groomed well and be on time!
  • Fully research the Company so that you are familiar with their business
  • Read over your cover letter and CV and be prepared to discuss how your previous experience is relevant to the vacancy advertised
  • Prepare for difficult questions and listen carefully to what you are being asked. Take your time while answering.
  • Prepare 2/3 questions of your own
  • Show enthusiasm and interest throughout the interview

If you follow the tips above it will certainly give you a much better chance of securing any job that you apply for.