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Check out the latest jobs we have available at our work agency here in Armagh. Besides having job listings for work in Armagh we also cover Portadown, Dungannon, Craigavon and Lurgan, plus a few specialist jobs in Ballymena and Co Antrim.

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Location: Loughgall, Co Armagh, N Ireland

Job Description

The duties required of meat packers include

loading materials and products into package-processing equipment,


weighing and counting product materials,

moving or lifting heavy objects, loading,

unloading or stacking products or materials, and maintaining a clean and safe work area.

You are also responsible for sorting manufacturing materials or products, operating packaging machine equipment, recording product, packaging and order information on forms and records.


The skills required to become a meat packer include equipment selection skills, operation and control skills, reading comprehension skills and active listening skills.

Equipment selection skills are useful when choosing which tools are best for each task of the meat-packing process.

Controlling operations of equipment and tools is much easier with operation and control skills.

Reading comprehension skills are needed to understand written instructions.

Active listening skills are needed to give full attention to what other people say and to fully understand them.

Meat packers should have strength to lift, pull, push or carry heavy objects or do the packing of the meat.

Arm and hand steadiness is also an important skill.

Hours of Work

Mon-Fri 7am start

Due to location access to/ own transport is essential.

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