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We at Knipe Recruitment Ltd are committed to providing our clients with a professional employment service that meets their business needs.

We source and provide staff for all employment sectors and thoroughly screen all candidates so that our clients find the right person for their vacancies.

In order for us to find the right people for the job, we take time to meet with our clients, understand both their business needs and culture so that we can identify the right candidates.

Our expertise covers the following areas:

  • Sourcing talented people to enhance your business
  • Advertising through internet, social network sites and media publications
  • Pre-selection and screening and interviewing
  • Reference and Vetting
  • Job offer Management
  • Rejection Handling
  • Equal Opportunities documentation

Please note that throughout the advertisement of any vacancy, we always withhold our Clients details which lets them get on with their day to day business and prevents any unwanted calls to their premises.

Recruitment Services

Whether you have a one-off vacancy or require workers on a temporary / permanent basis we can provide tailored solutions for all your HR needs! We work with a large number of businesses, both large and small, helping them to find the right employees for their particular niche. We have vast experience in finding the right candidates and run a very professional and thorough recruitment service.

We are fully aware that for any business recruiting the right staff in all levels of the company is key to running a successful operation and we take our responsibilities very seriously indeed. We want to see the businesses we work with be successful along with the candidates we put forward.

If you have never used our recruitment services before the best time to try us out is right now.

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