The Benefits Employers Get From Using Knipe Recruitment

The Benefits Employers Get From Using Knipe Recruitment

Manage The Whole Recruiting ProcessToday we thought we would concentrate on employers and the benefits that they get from using Knipe Recruitment. We act as the middle man for them and make the employing of new staff as smooth as possible, and also ensure that they recruit the right person for the job required.

Manage The Whole Recruiting Process

We work in a whole variety of sectors recruiting staff for employers. Businesses are busy enough running and managing their work without having to go through all the recruiting process for new workers as well. We take all of this off their hands and run a very professional recruiting service that links employers with the right new recruits.

We can pre-select candidates for a business, they go through a rigorous screening process with us here so that we source the very best people for the jobs available. We ensure that they have good references from their previous places of work and check out their history so that we are 99% sure that they will fit into their new working environment and they will be a great benefit to their new employer (you can never be 100% sure but we get pretty close!!).

Advertising For Suitable People

We advertise for people who may be interested through various channels including media publications, social media and various internet channels. And they all have to go through an interview procedure with us before we give them our blessing for any particular job. We look at their skills, experience, qualifications and character to ensure they are a fit for any particular employer that is looking for new staff.

Once we have dealt with all the candidates and chosen who we think will be suitable we handle offering the job for the employers along with contacting all the people who have not been chosen and letting them down as gently as possible.

We believe we offer a professional and expert service to employers so if you are looking to recruit new staff and you want to outsource this work you have come to the right place. For more information please give our offices a call on 028 3752 6166 and we will be delighted to assist you.

Finding The Right Job For You


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